The benefit of using service apartments in Pune :

First cost per head – We will see cost per head can be 20-50% cheaper as service apartments can accommodate 1-2 guests per room and 3-6 guests in 3BHK service apartment, 2-4 guests  in 2BHK service apartments, 4-8  guests in 4BHK service apartments and 5-10 in 5BHK service apartments  versus only 1-2 in typical hotel rooms.

Flexibility – Service Apartments are a lot more flexible when it comes to cancellations, early check-ins, late checkout, free Wi-fi, parking and a whole lot of other services.

Space – Experience 20-40% more space for the same cost as a hotel room and cooking facility for long stay– Cook your own meals and don’t rely just on just the hotel’s (at times expensive) food.

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